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Terms and Conditions of Business

Majestic Wedding Cars


  1. A booking will be considered confirmed with Majestic Wedding Cars once both the deposit has been paid and booking form has been signed and received.  A non-refundable deposit of £100 per vehicle will secure the vehicle on the agreed date.  The signed booking form is required at the time of any deposit being paid.
  2. A written confirmation will be sent as a receipt of any deposit or booking.  Any outstanding balance is required to be paid 30 days before the wedding ceremony.  If full payment has not been received 7 clear days before the ceremony, we consider you have breached our terms and conditions and consideration will be given for our non attendance.  We will not accept a cash payment on the day of the ceremony.
  3. Any cancellations must be made in writing to Majestic Wedding Cars.  All cancellations may incur a charge, (the minimum is the booking fee of £100).  Should the Hirer cancel within 30 days of the agreed wedding/ceremony date, then the outstanding balance, minus the deposit is still due in full. We will immediately re advertise the date but if we do not secure another booking for the vehicle/s,  all monies are still due.   If we manage to re sell the date all the money paid will be refunded, minus the £100 deposit per car.
  4. In the event of the Hirer changing the date of a confirmed booking we will transfer the booking fee to the new date subject to availability.  However, if the new date is unavailable the Hirer will forfeit the booking fee of £100.
  5. In the event that the Hirer changes the date within 30 clear days of the original agreed wedding date/ceremony and the new date required is unavailable, then the balance of the original hire will still be due in full.
  6. Whilst every effort is made to provide the vehicle booked, Majestic Wedding Cars reserves the right to substitute vehicles in the event of an unforeseen mechanical failure or other circumstances beyond our control.  Vehicles of a lesser hire charge will entitle the Hirer to a refund of the difference.  Where a vehicle of a higher hire charge is substituted no extra will be charged to the Hirer.  In the very rare event a mechanical failure/breakdown takes place on route to the ceremony, every possible effort will be made by Majestic Wedding Cars to secure alternative transport.  In the extremely unlikely event of a delay leading to a missed ceremony, a full refund will be offered, including deposit.  If there is a mechanical issue/breakdown following the ceremony, that prevents any member of the bridal party reaching the reception, then a refund will be offered, dependent on the proportion of the journey that has been missed, taking into account the loss of any photographic opportunities lost that were due to be taken at the reception venue. The refund offered will also be dependent on which members of the bridal party are affected. Majestic Wedding Cars advise that full wedding insurance is taken to cover such an eventuality.
  7. All our vehicles and chauffeurs will be immaculately presented.  Our chauffeurs will be well dressed in suits and will politely decline any offer of alcoholic drinks whilst working.  The cars will be decorated appropriately for your wedding/ceremony.  Special requests can be considered, a small cost may be incurred.
  8. We understand the complexities of the day and timings involved, so our chauffeurs are likely to arrive earlier than the specified arrival time in your confirmation letter.  May we ask politely that the Hirer ensures that all passengers will be ready for departure at the agreed specified departure time.  Please note that the vehicles will only carry the maximum number of passengers they are insured to carry.  The Beauford is 4 persons, the Mercedes is 5 persons, including the drivers.
  9. Majestic Wedding Cars cannot be held responsible if the wedding/ceremony is completely missed due to the time keeping of the wedding/ceremony party or guests.
  10. We have quoted a price on the information provided at the time of booking and have calculated the time required for your wedding or civil ceremony.  We have been generous in our estimates however, in the rare event that a significant amount of extra time be required an additional charge may be made proportionate to the original booking quote.  Should the wedding or civil ceremony significantly over run for a reason outside your control no extra charge will be made.
  11. Majestic Wedding Cars will select the route(s) required based on local knowledge and/or satellite navigation.  The drivers will use their judgement, driving at a lawful, safe and sensible speed in relation to the road and weather conditions.
  12. Whilst every effort will be made to arrive at scheduled locations in good time, no responsibility can be taken for unforeseen road closures, or for restrictions relating to vehicle access to any location, or unforeseen physical delays on route to the ceremony, or adverse weather conditions.  We cannot be held responsible for late arrival or cancellation due to any other circumstances beyond our immediate control.  Majestic Wedding Cars, for your peace of mind, strongly recommend that you are covered by adequate wedding insurance.
  13. The Hirer is responsible for any accidental or intentional damage caused to the vehicle(s) by themselves and/or their wedding guests.  A minimum charge of £100 will be charged to cover the valet costs should damage be caused by any passenger through drink, food or illness.
  14. We advise that smoking is prohibited and eating and drinking is restricted in all vehicles.  We cannot be held responsible for any adverse medical reaction or allergy to anything consumed whilst in the vehicles, including the complimentary chocolates, or subsequently later, or for any injury or loss caused through excess consumption of alcohol.  All items left in the vehicles are at the owners own risk and no responsibility will be taken for their loss or damage.  Every effort will be made by our drivers to reunite any property found to the members of the Hirer’s party.
  15. All our vehicles are fitted with appropriate seat belts.  The law requires all passengers to wear seat belts, although politely done, this will be required.  Should a passenger under the age of 4 be required to be transported, it is the Hirers responsibility to provide appropriate car seat(s). Majestic Wedding Cars are happy to transfer small children between 4 and 12 years old, but only when an appropriate child seat has been fitted by a parent or guardian.  Our drivers will not be responsible for the fitting of the child seats.  Please copy and paste the link below for full information on child seats and the law:- www.childcarseats.org.uk/the-law/
  16. All passengers are requested to make sure that all belongings are with them before vacating the vehicle(s).  Valuables should not be left in the vehicle(s) during the ceremony.  Every effort is made to ensure against damage to, or loss of property of the Hirer or any member of the wedding party, when either stationary, or travelling in our vehicles.
  17. Majestic Wedding Cars may take photographs for their own promotional use, they may appear on our social media sites and website.  By signing these conditions, the Hirer has given Majestic Wedding Cars permission to do so, we will own and retain copyright of any image taken but will happily share with anyone seeking a copy.
  18. We reserve the right to amend our Terms and Conditions at any time.  Only the agreed terms at the time of signing are applicable.
  19. As you will be aware, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on the 25th May 2018.  Majestic Wedding Cars would like to request that as a valued customer, you agree to allow us to continue to safely store your contact details, e.g. e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, invoice and delivery addresses, all of which will have been provided by you (the customer), or created by your use of our services.

This does not affect your rights as you are in control.  The legislation dictates that you can:-

We respect your privacy, and the safe storage of your personal information is taken very seriously.  All our digitally held information is stored on hard drives to which I only have access, we do not share your personal information with any third parties for sales or marketing purposes.  The data we hold is crucial to maintain the smooth operation of our service to you.

It is important that you ‘opt in’ with us to keep using our services.  To prevent you the inconvenience of having to submit any forms, we will assume that you wish to do so.  Should you wish to ‘opt out’ at anytime, please email us at ku.oc1660309044.srac1660309044gnidd1660309044ewcit1660309044sejam1660309044@ecif1660309044fo1660309044, stating your specific wish to ‘opt out’.  We will then remove your data from our records, apart from anything we are legally bound to keep.


By signing and returning your booking form you will have deemed to have agreed and accepted the above terms and conditions.

Thank you for booking with Majestic Wedding Cars, we enjoy our work and look forward to seeing you and your families on your very special day.